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Upright Heated Mechandisers

Lincat spares for the Seal Upright Heated Mechandisers UM50, UMS50, UMO50, UMSO50.

Manufacturer Model- Product Image Item Name Price
Lincat LA94 40W Bulb

Lincat 40W Bulb

Convection Ovens - LCO, ECO7, ECO76. (For LA87). Fume Filtration Units - All Models (Pre July 2007)   


Lincat FE10 Adjustable Foot

Lincat Adjustable Foot

Lynx 400 Panini Grills - GG1, GG1R, GG1P. Upright Heated Mechandisers - UMSO50. Pizza Ovens - All Models (Post March 2000). Silverlink Electric...


Lincat TH46 Control Thermostat

Lincat Control Thermostat

Control Thermostat 40 to 260 degree C Convection Ovens -  LCO all models, ECO7 (Post May 2000), ECO76. Upright Heated Mechandisers - UMO50,...


Lincat TH106 Control Thermostat

Lincat Control Thermostat

Electric Atmospheric Steamer - OE7503, OE7505 Gas Atmospheric Steamer OG7502N/P, OG7504N/P Panther Static Hot Cupboards G1, G2, G3 (Post 26004388...


Lincat HA78 Door Handle

Lincat Door Handle

Convection Ovens - LCO. Upright Heated Mechandisers - All Models (Post 29050081). Pasta Boilers OE7701,OE7702 - Lid Handle. Fryers  OG7101N/P,...


Lincat HA50 Handle

Lincat Handle

Silverlink Gas Chargrills - all models. Upright Heated Mechandisers - UMO50, UMSO50.


Lincat BU72 Hinge Bush

Lincat Hinge Bush

Oven Range LMR9N/P - All models. Upright Heated Mechandisers - All models. Pizza Ovens - PO49X, PO89X (Post March 2000). Opus Electric Solid Top -...


Lincat SW70 Light Switch

Lincat Light Switch



Lincat SW64 Microswitch

Lincat Microswitch

Electric Chargrill OE7405, OE7406 Silverlink Electric Chargrills - ECG9, ECG9/WT - Interlock Switch. Silverlink Electric Pasta Boilers - PB33, PB66...


Lincat PL202 Plug & Lead

Lincat Plug & Lead

Please note when used on LDF2 check serial number (Post 27027060). LPC (Post 27027004), LSC (Post 27027004), LGT (Post 27027004). LGR, LGR2 (Post...

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Lincat NE42 Round Amber Neon

Lincat Round Amber Neon

Lynx 400 Fryers - LSF, LDF, LDF2 (Post 27027060), LFF. Lynx 400 Grills - LPC (Post 27027004), LSC (Post 27027004). Lynx 400 Griddles - LGR, LGR2...


Lincat SW69 Switch

Lincat Switch

Fume Filtration - All Models (Post July 2007). Silverlink Electric Grill - AS3 (Post 29054393), AS4 (Post 29054393).


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