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Sales Installation, Servicing and repair of all Commercial Catering Equipment
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Catering Equipment Services | Sales Installation, Servicing and repair of all Commercial Catering Equipment

Introducing Roller Grill

Roller Grill International has been a leader in Catering Equipment Manufacture in Europe for over 60 years. Started in 1947 as the “Society for the Development of Infra-Red”. Their range of over 200 products includes Convection Ovens, Rotisseries, Buffet Bars, Crepe Grills, Refrigerated Displays, Heated Displays, Salamander Grills and Contact Grills.

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Lincat Panther Hot Cupboards

Lincat’s Marketing Executive tries to break a P8B5 800 Series Panther hot cupboard, can he do it?

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Lincat FilterFlow Automatic Water Boilers

A video presentation by Lincat’s Development Chef, Paul Hickman, outlining the features of FilterFlow automatic water boilers, including how to change a filter cartridge and reset the display panel

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Limescale Preventative Maintenance

One of the most popular spare parts we sell are the sensors for the Lincat Water Boilers.

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NewScan Parts

One of the things that we think makes Catering Equipment Services different from our competitors is our ability to source and supply spare parts and catering equipment spares. Often for manufacturers or equipment that is no longer in production

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Free Foot Pedal

This month we are offering a free foot pedal with purchases of Mastro Dough Rollers.  Read more

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Lincat Water Boilers Explained

Lincat Spares Offer

Don’t forget we are still discounting our Lincat Catering Equipment Spares by10%.

We can supply Lincat  catering equipment spares for water boilers, ovens, hobs and lots more.

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The right hood for your catering environment.

As we shall soon be able to supply a fantastic range of commercial kitchen hoods we wanted to share with you some of the requirements when selecting the right hood for the catering environment you are working in or supplying.

Commercial kitchen ventilation includes both extraction as well as providing replacement air. So input and exhaust are important. Most major appliances, including ranges, deep fryers, grills, pizza ovens, dishwashers and steamers need extraction. You can place multiple appliances under a single extraction unit or hood.

Overall design, construction, installation coordination, and maintenance are required to get the best possible performance and an efficient air balance from the system.

Here we make the assumption you have a system in place and want to replace the hood. You may already have the information to hand like direct size hood replacement and air changes required. If you do not, or the previous system just was not efficient enough, here is some information to help with the selection.

The different fans.

An axial fan is a straight through extraction fan where air goes in the front and out the back, you mount an axial fan in direct line with the extraction ducting. Axial fans move air over short distances. Centrifugal fans operate in “snail shell” type housing and suck the air in through the side and blow it out of the front. Centrifugal fans work under higher pressire are more durable and move air over longer distances.

Fan selection

Choosing the right fan for the job calls for a little calculation

Take the room size (length x width x height) and the recommended air changes per hour (sample table below:

In a Kitchen environment:

Kitchen : 3m long x 4m wide x 2.5m = 30m³ (volume)

Recommend 10 AC/H

300m³ per hour.


Look for the fan with the required output:

Minimum air changes required per hour

Bakeries 20-30

Commercial Kitchen 20-30

Cafes and Bars 10-12

How big a hood do you need?

Choosing the right hood for the job can also be confusing

When sizing a cooker hood, for any kitchen environment add 500mm over hang from the units to be extracted.

So for example if your area is 1000mm choose a 1500mm hood.

Complete units usually have the right fan in the right size hood but always check in the technical leaflet or ask we have experts available.

If you need more information or want to talk to an expert, give us a call on 0844 332 0814

Cricket Tea Urns

Cricket is not cricket without a nice cup of tea. I am sure Alastair Cook and his men would not have beaten Australia to retain the Ashes without the power of a cup of tea during the breaks. The one thing that unites all cricketers from village cricket teams to the Ashes winning test match team is the English love of a cup of tea.

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