There are 2 ranges within the Maidaid brand: The Halcyon Amika Range and the Maidaid Range

Halcyon Amika

The Halcyon Amika range which offer a value for money machine with 1 years warranty; additional features like water softeners and drain pumps are extra. The machines are supplied with 1 rack, either glass or dish as appropriate.

Amika Codes

All Amika machines end with X.

Machines with a 500 x 500 basket capacity have an additional L and can be operated from a range of voltages (the higher rated supply offering a quicker cycle time)

Only those machines with a BT have a break tank fitted.

so, a Maidaid Amika 6XL BT Glasswasher has a 500 x 500 basket and a break tank.

The Maidaid Range

Maidaid range comes with a 2 year warranty and generally has more features included.

Maidaid Codes

Maidiad have machine in 3 ranges each of which give them a prefix. These are : The C range, Electro Mechanical machines, the D range electronic machines and the energy efficient Evolution range.

The 3 digit number indicates the rack/basket dimensions 350, 400, 450 and 500. There is one other number used, break tanks are not generally included on Maidaid machines, the exception being on those models with the 3 digits 510.

Finally suffixes, WS indicates that a water softener is fitted and on C & D ranges a D indicates a drain pump is fitted. On Evolution machines drain pumps are fitted as standard.

So a Maidaid D500WSD Glasswasher is an electronic machine that has a 500mm basket with a water softener and a drain pump

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