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Lincat Pizza Oven Spare Parts

Parts for the Lincat Range of Pizza Ovens.

Manufacturer Model- Product Image Item Name Price
Lincat FE35 Adjustable Feet

Lincat Adjustable Feet

Pizza Ovens - LPO (Post 27031335). Silverlink Electric Grills - AS3, AS4.


Lincat FE10 Adjustable Foot

Lincat Adjustable Foot

Lynx 400 Panini Grills - GG1, GG1R, GG1P. Upright Heated Mechandisers - UMSO50. Pizza Ovens - All Models (Post March 2000). Silverlink Electric...


Lincat KN57 Control Knob

Lincat Control Knob

Lynx 400 Contact Grills - GG1 (Pre 28024445). Pizza Ovens - LPO(Pre 27031335), PO49, PO89.


Lincat KN242 Control Knob

Lincat Control Knob

Lynx 400 Contact Grills - GG1(Post 28024445) GG1P, GG1R. Pizza Ovens - LPO (Post 27031335).


Lincat TH107 Control Thermostat

Lincat Control Thermostat

Lynx 400 Contact Grills - GG1 (Pre 28024445). Convection Ovens - EC07(Pre May 2000), ECO76(Safety Limit stat), ECO8, ECO9. Pizza Ovens - LPO, PO49....


Lincat SE17 Door Seal

Lincat Door Seal

Silverlink Electric Ovens - V7/C (Rubber seal only). Pizza Ovens - PO89 (Pre Summer 1994) - Top & Bottom.


Lincat SE25 Door Seal (Braided)

Lincat Door Seal (Braided)

Price is per metre Convection Ovens - ECO7 (Post Smr 94) -  Need 3 metres per unit. Pizza Ovens - PO89 - Need 2 metres per unit. Opus Gas Oven...


Lincat EN10 Energy Regulator

Lincat Energy Regulator

Lynx 400 Pasta Boiler - All Models (Post 27003574). Lynx 400 Bain Marie - All models. Silverlink 600 Chip Scuttles - CS4, CS6,CS4/G (Post Summer...

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Lincat KN92 Energy Regulator Knob

Lincat Energy Regulator Knob

Silverlink Electric Bain Maries - All Dry Heat (Post 1996-Pre 23040484). Silverlink Electric Chip Scuttles - CS4, CS6 (Post 1996-Pre Oct 2003). Pizza...


Lincat SW58 Fan Switch

Lincat Fan Switch

Silverlink Electric Ranges - All models. Pizza Ovens - PO69X, PO49X. Opus Dual Fuel Ranges - All models - Fan switch attached to thermostat. Opus Gas...


Lincat SW59 Green Neon Switch

Lincat Green Neon Switch

Silverlink Electric Grills - AS3 (Pre 29054393), AS4 (Pre 29054393). Pizza Ovens - PO89X (Post March 2000).


Lincat HA05 Grill Handle

Lincat Grill Handle

Silverlink Electric Grills - GR3 (Post 23042445). Silverlink Gas Salamanders - All Models (Post 23037942). Pizza Ovens - LPO (Post 27031335), PO69X,...


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