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Sales Installation, Servicing and repair of all Commercial Catering Equipment
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Lincat EB6TF

Lincat EB6TF spares are avasilable at discounted prices from Catering Equipment Services.

Manufacturer Model- Product Image Item Name Price ex VAT
Lincat TH88 120 Deg C Cutout

Lincat 120 Deg C Cutout


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Lincat EL235 3kW Element

Lincat 3kW Element


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Lincat TH87 95 Deg C Cutout

Lincat 95 Deg C Cutout


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Lincat SL29 Complete Tap

Lincat Complete Tap

As used on EB3F,EB4F,EB6F,EB6TF

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Lincat DP10 De-Scaler (Per Bottle)

Lincat De-Scaler (Per Bottle)

Water Boilers Electric Pasta Boilers OE7701,OE7702


Lincat DV02 Drain Valve

Lincat Drain Valve

Filterflow Water Boilers - EB3F, EB4F, EB6F, EB6TF, EB3F/PB Electric Atmospheric Steamer OE7503, OE7505

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Lincat FC02 Filter Cartridge

Lincat Filter Cartridge


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Lincat FH02 Filter Head

Lincat Filter Head


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Lincat PI12 Flexible Hose

Lincat Flexible Hose

Water boilers - Used On: ALL MODELS. Convection ovens - ECO7, ECO76, ECO8, ECO9.

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Lincat LI52 Inner Lid

Lincat Inner Lid


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Lincat TA32 Inner Tank

Lincat Inner Tank


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Lincat GA51 Lid Gasket (2 per unit)

Lincat Lid Gasket (2 per unit)

2 required to form a seal

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